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Are you thinking about starting a webshop in the erotic industry? Then SHOTS is the right partner for you! Be in control, with the lowest possible risk.

Dropshipping via API
Via our API you send orders from your webshop system. We also have ready-made solutions available. Register with us as a customer and find our feed and solutions under Product API.

Dropshipping outside the EU
We ship worldwide. The shipment is send from the Netherlands, an EU member state. Shipping to countries outside the EU is subject to certain rules. For the UK, for example, you must have an EORI number.

Shipment fees
We use various shipping costs. Find the overview here.

Terms of delivery (order before 3PM, next day delivery)
For order with delivery address the Netherlands: If the order is received by us before 3 p.m., we will ship the order the same day so deliver the next day. For other countries: If the order is received by us before 3 p.m., we will ship the order the same day. Then the shipping time depends on the country we ship to. For all countries you can find the overview here.

Private Labeling
When everything is on track and you are ready for the next step – it is possible to build your own brand at Shots. In our own Pharmacy (Pharmquests) it is possible to produce your own brand of lubricant, massage oil or toy cleaner, all produced on our own soil, here in the Netherlands.

It is important to know that there is a minimum order quantity for the products to be produced. In addition, you are expected to purchase the entire stock at once. For a small amount per ordered product, we store and then deliver the product to your customer.

You can pay on credit, with a payment term of 8 days. It’s just an extra way of Shots to make your life a little easier. We do set a credit limit, also to protect you against an excessively high bill. From the start this will be 500€, if you want to buy a product with a higher purchase amount than that, you will have to pay it immediately when placing the order.

If it turns out that the amount of orders is no longer in line with your credit limit, it will be adjusted in time.

When you log in to our website, you automatically have access to our Image Bank. Here you will find product photos, ghost images, lifestyle images, videos and much more of our entire portfolio. You can make unlimited use of this so that your website always looks spot on.

In addition to the regular product photos, you will also find advertisements, social media posts and banners on the image bank. These are also at your disposal and you may use them to advertise.

What exactly is 'Dropshipping' and what can I do with it?

Dropshipping at Shots, basically means selling our products through your web shop without having them in stock. The products are sent directly to your customer by the Shots team, discreetly. You receive a margin on the products sold ,this way you can start your own web shop with a relatively low risk and offer our complete portfolio to your customer without ever having a box in your hands.

You choose the range you want to carry, and this is how you distinguish yourself from the rest.

Various feeds available!
We support Magento, Lightspeed, CCV shop, WooCommerce and Shopify. Start your web shop easily with our product range.

To make this possible, we offer extensive feeds in XML, Excel and CSV. We are happy to help you make a connection. Integrating products has never been easier and you are ready to launch in a split second! In these product feeds you will find all the necessary information, in different languages and about the 10,000 + different products that we offer.

We ensure that this feed is updated every 2 minutes, so that you can see your stock in real time and your supply is always up to date.

Benefits dropshipping
With dropshipping you can easily start your online business and grow your portfolio.
1. Determine your own margins on products.
2. Do not invest in own stock.
3. Synchronize product data from our product feed.
4. Automatic product such as stock and price updates.
5. Focus yourself on sales and marketing instead of logistics and automation.

What does dropshipping cost?
In addition to the standard shipping costs, you do not pay any additional costs for the dropshipping service at Shots. We provide a dropshipment feed free of charge to all our customers. You can synchronize the product data to your web shop with various e-commerce solutions.

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Discover our shipping methods and potential charges for a stress-free online shopping journey. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our transparent shipping policies aim to enhance your customer experience. If you have any questions or need clarification, our dedicated customer support team is ready to help you.


In this section, we'll guide you through the ins and outs of our delivery process, ensuring that receiving your chosen products is as effortless as your selection process.


This will assist you in navigating the rare instances of defective, damaged, or missing items. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to resolve any issues efficiently. Here's a quick overview of how to handle specific scenarios: