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Originating from John Oakes' hydrotherapy pump in 2004 to aid a friend with erectile challenges, Bathmate officially launched in 2006. Beyond hydropumps, they offer Better Sex accessories for enhanced intimate experiences. Join Bathmate on a journey toward improved intimate wellness, emphasizing the crucial role of sexual health in overall happiness.

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Bathmate is established in 2006 and is the world's foremost brand in penis pumps, with over a million units sold globally. Our story began when inventor John Oakes created a hydrotherapy pump in 2004 to assist a friend facing erectile challenges. This innovation led to the official launch of Bathmate in 2006. Bathmate has become an integral part of daily routines, offering both convenience and enjoyment. Beyond hydropumps, we offer Better Sex accessories, including penile rings and waterproof bullet vibrators, designed to elevate intimate experiences. Bathmate's mission encompasses sexual health and overall happiness, recognizing that maintaining sexual health is a crucial aspect of well-being. Join Bathmate and embark on a journey toward enhanced intimate wellness.